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Hi Masky! *gives pancake mix* this is to calm Toby... And... *hands homemade cheesecake* This is for you and Hoodie! Don't worry, I didn't poison this one!

Thank you Anon! i’ll make Toby pancakes maybe waffles tommorow morning. And Thank you very much for the cheesecake! I’ll keep it in the fridge until Hoodie comes 


**Warning, this video contains images some might find disturbing.**

I removed ads on this video so I have peace of mind in saying; share this video to as many people as you can

With the police trying to hush the media on scene, it may be up to us to make sure this is known.

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What is your favorite food and drink?

hmmm my favorite food would be Cheesecake of course~!
andd uhm drink? uh i would think anything that taste well with cheese cake like uhhh milk

Hi Masky I'm new here! And I always wanted to say hi... to you that is. I'm awkward let just stop....

hello there …..Welcome here! oh we’re all a tad different from everyone else so don’t be afraid to ask something or anything 

*stares* Hey I'm Ticci Toby can you make me pancakes?! Then I will give you cheesecake and if you don't you will receive two hatchets to the head!

Toby how many times do i have to tell you .We ran out of pancake mix we won’t be able to make you any until we get more…. And that isnt a nice way to ask a person or pasta for them….

um masky why and how do you kill people

hmmm…. Well because they obviously know to much….. and for the second part of your question I use huge rocks and bash there heads with it of course~